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Meet The Abundance Organizing Team


Certified Professional Organizer Certified Professional Organizer

Certified Professional Organizer Certified Professional Organizer
Sara Bereika, CPO®, CPO-CD®

Certified Professional Organizer, ADD Specialist, Expert On A&E's Hoarders

Mindy Godding, CPO®, CPO-CD®

Certified Professional Organizer, Speaker/Trainer and

Hoarding Specialist

Sara On Hoarders Sara's Style Follow Sara Mindy's Style Videos Of Mindy Mindy's One Sheet

Sara has always found joy in developing ways to make things easier. With over 10 years of extensive training and hands-on experience, Sara has become an expert in working with adults with ADD/ADHD, chronic disorganization and addiction. Known for her calming, motivational, supportive, and honest approach and due to her personal experiences with addiction and chaos, Sara truly empathizes with her clients. As a result, they become empowered, focused and are no longer paralyzed by clutter.

With a degree in Graphic/Information Design Sara knows the value of aesthetics, creating balance, planning a space and clear communication. Sara is one of two professionals (Mindy is the other) in central Virginia to earn both Professional Organizing certifications offered. In addition, Sara is a contributing author in the leading sourcebook for training organizers in the industry. She travels the country as an expert on the A&E series "Hoarders," and does virtual work with clients across the globe. She is a proud member of The National Association of Professional Organizers and The Institute For Challenging Disorganization. She frequently speaks for professional and corporate groups and universities on topics ranging from time management to hoarding. Sara makes various appearances on local television and radio shows and has been featured in local and national publications like the Associated Press and Ladies Home Journal.

Sara finds true Abundance when she can play with her son Alton and husband, Tim. She enjoys anything crafty, sewing, anything chocolate, the beach, and most importantly, her pajamas.

For over fifteen years, Mindy Godding has worked to create order and clarity in the world around her.  As an organizing consultant and specialist in both chronic disorganization and hoarding, Mindy helps her clients to take back control in their world.  Mindy has met the highest criteria of training and experience in our industry.  She has earned both Certified Professional Organizer® credentials and is a Master Trainer in CD and Organization. 

Mindy's work specialties include large-scale residential projects and whole-house transformations for busy families.  After a decade in retail merchandising and space planning, she enjoys creating functional spaces that look and feel like upscale boutiques. 

As a leader in the organizing industry, Mindy has coached and educated hundreds of professional organizers across the country on techniques to build successful relationships and create dramatic results. She regularly conducts training and delivers keynote speeches to associations and professional groups who are looking for a high-energy, captivating speaker. 

Mindy has served as the Speaker’s Bureau Coordinator for the ICD and a past board member of both the Virginia Chapter of the National Speakers Association and the NAPO-Richmond chapter. In 2011, Mindy was honored with the "Volunteer of the Year" Award from ICD. She is a contributing author for The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization.  Mindy and her work have been featured in print, television, and internet media, including: S-Moda, Richmond Magazine, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Style Weekly, Virginia This Morning, and "Hoarding: Buried Alive" on TLC. 

In her pursuit of Abundance in life, Mindy makes sure she spends plenty of time on the important stuff, like cooking with her husband, yoga, and therapy dog work with Jake, her Labrador retriever.

Certified Professional Organizer Certified Professional Organizer
Cathy LeHew, CPO®

Certified Professional Organizer, Chronic Disorganization, ADD and Hoarding Specialist

Organizing Consultant Organizing Consultant

Cathy's One Sheet Cathy's Style
Suzanne Shultz

Organizing Consultant

Cathy LeHew has created calm during crisis for over 20 years. She finds comfort in helping others create and maintain simplified environments so they gain time for family, friends and their community. Her compassion and energy make the organizing session fun for both her client and her team. She helps her clients get control over their piles of clutter and creates a place and system that makes sense. With respect and integrity, Cathy takes the frustration and anxiety out of the organizing process and manages to replace those feelings with personal empowerment. It's not unlikely for her clients to end their session with a sigh of relief and a hug.


Cathy’s work specialties include team organizing, paper management, relocation/renovation support and large-scale residential organizing. She regularly conducts training and seminars for associations and professional groups who are looking for a motivating and insightful speaker. She inspires attendees to make positive changes and live with true abundance. Cathy is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. She currently serves as President of the NAPO-Richmond Chapter and the Ambassadors’ Liaison for the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. Cathy also served on the NAPO Conference Planning Committee from 2011-2013.  Cathy and her work have been featured in Belle Magazine, Style Weekly, Boomer Life Magazines and CBS-6's Virginia This Morning, WWBT-TV NBC 12 and “Hoarding: Buried Alive” on TLC. She has also provided aftercare organizing services for contributors on the A&E “Hoarders.”


After living in Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, Oregon, Hawaii, Guam and Maryland, she proudly calls Virginia home. Cathy finds her true Abundance by spending her leisure time visiting her daughter, Lauren, in New Orleans, entertaining friends and family, gardening, and walking her rescue beagle, Oscar, with Jerry.

Suzanne's Style Videos Of Suzanne

Suzanne Shultz has always enjoyed finding creative ways to streamline the environment around her. After studying and working in a variety of fields such as interior design, retail management and criminal justice, she discovered that what she enjoyed most in each of her positions was identifying areas ripe for improvement and implementing efficient and effective solutions. After coming to this realization, Suzanne entered the world of professional organizing. Since becoming a professional organizer, Suzanne has attended the NAPO National Conference and earned a Certificate in Chronic Disorganization through ICD. She is currently furthering her education by participating in Coach Approach for Organizers.

​​Suzanne’s organization philosophy is that solutions should be simple, efficient, and visually appealing. She believes that when people feel good about themselves, their ability to make good decisions and achieve their goals increases exponentially. As a result, Suzanne’s approach to working with clients is to celebrate each individual’s strengths and to offer guidance and support at times of uncertainty. She finds joy in assisting her clients with identifying, visualizing, and ultimately achieving their personal goals. 

Suzanne also enjoys building relationships with local non-profits and identifying each charities' specific donation needs so that when her clients make the decision to donate their belongings, Abundance Organizing is able to ensure those items find their way to charities who can directly benefit from them. Over the past year, Suzanne, along with the Abundance team, has volunteered hands-on organizing at the YWCA of Greater Richmond and is passionate about generating donations for their battered women's shelter.​

​Suzanne finds her true Abundance by spending time with her friends and family, volunteering in the community, and taking her two mini dachshunds, Lo and Bianca, on walks by the river. She is a member of the Junior League of Richmond and currently serves as the Membership Director of NAPO Richmond. Suzanne is also on the advisory board of a local non-profit called Saving Our Youth, which offers higher education services to at-risk youth in the City of Richmond.

Organizing Consultant Organizing Consultant
Amanda Scudder, MSW

Organizing Consultant

Amanda's Style Videos Of Amanda

Organizing Assistant Organizing Assistant

Amanda helps people reclaim their lives from clutter and chaos, making room for what matters most to them. She is inspired by the transformational effects of organizing: less stress and frustration and more time and energy for productivity, creativity, fun, family, and friends.


As a busy professional, wife, and mother, Amanda has a true appreciation for the value of simplicity and organization. After making an intentional decision to bring her life into balance and cut the excess from her time and space, she found strategies that work and she found her calling—helping others to do the same.


Originally from upstate New York, Amanda completed a year of study in interior design and a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Syracuse University before traveling coast to coast and ultimately choosing Richmond, Virginia, as home. She earned a Masters of Social Work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1998 and spent the next 14 years in human services, specializing in measuring results and building collaborations. She joined the Abundance Organizing team in 2012 and has earned Level I Certification in Challenging Disorganization from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.


Amanda synthesizes her background in interior design, human behavior, and systems theory in her organizing practice. She takes time to understand goals, challenges, what is working and what is not working to find sustainable solutions.


In addition to organizing, Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, cat and dog. She is active in her neighborhood civic association and two PTAs. She is interested in sustainable ecological design (permaculture) and living simply. Favorite pastimes include horseback riding, cultivating an organic front yard food garden, visiting farmers markets, and travel.

Whitney Frost

Organizing Assistant

Whitney's Style

Whitney Frost has always had a knack for organizing her personal items. It wasn't until she began living with roommates that she quickly becoming the de facto space planner.  She helped develop systems to keep her friends' lives and spaces in order, fitting with their personalities and lifestyles.


Finding herself regularly taking on this role amongst family and friends, Whitney suddenly realized that the line everyone kidded her with, "You should do this professionally," might perhaps be possible. Whether matching hangers in a closet or devising automated systems to make clutter less likely and time more plentiful, nothing makes her happier than sculpting order from disorder.


After graduating from High Point University with a BS in Business Administration, Marketing and Management, Whitney spent a year volunteering in Israel. She helped with after school programs for underprivileged children, taught English to middle and high school students and coached a girls' basketball team. She also had the opportunity to study Hebrew, experience Israeli culture, and learn about global issues from a different perspective.


Discovering how rewarding it was to work with children, Whitney 

knew it would become a part of her future. She now has opportunities to work with children by helping them to organize their spaces as well as developing organizing skills and techniques to help them in multiple areas of their lives. Through organizing work with her, Whitney feels that children can and will begin taking responsibility for their belongings.


Whitney believes that an organized space is a happy place; and that by learning various organizing techniques, stress can be prevented. Whitney’s goal is to help her clients feel more comfortable about the spaces around them and use their space to its fullest potential.


In addition to her career as a professional organizer, Whitney loves traveling in the USA as well as countries around the world, shopping, more shopping, and spending time with her family, friends, and

two dogs.

Organizing Assistant Organizing Assistant
Meredith Spray

Organizing Assistant


Meredith's Style

Meredith has always had a natural affinity for order, simplicity and detail.  Subscribing to the philosophy “quality over quantity”, she enjoys creating spaces that are aesthetically appealing and functional, while patiently and compassionately guiding clients through the strenuous decision making process. Meredith understands the burdens derived from a chaotic and disorganized environment and utilizes her skills to help clients create calm and efficient spaces to alleviate these burdens. The most rewarding aspect of her work is not just the physical transformation of a room, while very gratifying, but the total transformation of the client.


After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Alabama, Meredith became a Financial Planning Assistant for an Investment Group who specialized in wealth management, estate planning and strategic investment services for high net worth individuals. Due to the time-sensitive nature of her work and the copious amounts of paperwork, she cultivated her time management and organizational skills. In turn, Meredith became an integral part of her Financial Team earning the respect of her peers and clients by always being prepared for any task in a moment’s notice. 


However, desiring a job where she could make a difference in an individual’s quality of life, Meredith went back to school and became a Licensed Esthetician. In her role as an esthetician, she knew earning a client’s trust was key to building a successful relationship, so she had to be a good listener and a creative problem solver. She received much joy from the relationships she built with her clients, but after several years in the treatment room she felt it was time to apply her skills to an area closer to her heart…professional organizing.


For Meredith, True Abundance is spending time with her husband, Jason, and their toy poodles, Cash and Rowan.  An avid Alabama fan and music lover, you can catch her on any given Saturday watching college football or taking in a show. Meredith is a member of the Junior League of Richmond where she serves as a New Member Advisor and she is also the Membership Director for the National Association of Professional Organizers – Richmond.  



Lisa Dailey.jpg 2013-8-5-22:36:29 2013-8-5-22:47:38

Organizing Consultant Organizing Consultant
Lisa Dailey

Principal Organizing Consultant

Portsmouth, Virginia


Lisa's Style

Lisa has been organizing for friends and family her entire life without consciously thinking about it. Looking for a new direction in her work life, her mother suggested professional organization as a career option. As you would when embarking on anything new, she did extensive research. Through this research, as well as friends and professional acquaintances, she was lead to the team at Abundance Organizing



Growing up a “military brat”, Lisa moved 7 times as a child and continued that pattern by moving 9 additional times in her professional career.  Lisa learned quickly to minimize clutter and excess with the next move potentially just around the corner.  Having to adapt her belongings to many different scenarios also sharpened her ability to visualize the most productive and efficient use of space.  



Lisa’s 20+ year career in retail was the perfect catalyst to professional organizing.  Responsible for spaces varying from a linen closet to an entire department store, she has a proven ability to create simple, fun and workable environments no matter the parameters or resources.  Lisa is able to see the big picture, break it into manageable pieces and dig into the details to create an outcome that is true to the intended ideal.



Lisa finds her Abundance by spending time with her family and friends around the world, traveling abroad and exploring other cultures.  She also enjoys the cultural arts, wine tastings, football games, and playing with her dog, Derby.



Organizing Consultant Organizing Consultant
Allison Mitchell, BSc, BSN, RN

Principal Organizing Consultant

Charlottesville, Virginia


Allison's Style

Allison is committed to maximizing space, decreasing stress, eliminating disorder, and empowering clients to manage their surroundings. She has lived with the motto less is more.


Feeling overwhelmed? Allison can assist in achieving flow through the routine tasks of a home. Cluttered areas give Allison the opportunity to create functional spaces. From closets to homes, Allison is committed to transform any area into a useful space.


Being from a military family, she understands the importance of “being settled” as soon as possible in a new home. Unpacking for new residents to Charlottesville, gives her clients the freedom to enjoy all that the area has to offer without the guilt of the boxes and the constant feeling of restlessness.


Allison also understands how to incorporate generations from the past into the present. Her home is a living legacy, hosting photos and treasures from the 1800’s. Recognizing that memories provide comfort, encouragement, and strength, she assists clients to assimilate past treasures into the present without cluttering a home through Legacy Organizing.


After obtaining a Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Mary Washington, Allison travelled to do mission work in Kenya. She then pursued her Bachelors in Nursing at Johns Hopkins University. With a leading health insurance company, Allison enjoyed coordinating community services for her patients through collaborative case management.


Allison draws from her nursing experience to fully assess her client’s home and goals. She enjoys organizing multiple services for her clients, based on their individual needs, and transplanting items to charities in her community. She gives her clients the knowledge and skill of a caring professional.


Currently, Allison has a Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization and is a member of Faithful Organizers.


Allison enjoys reading autobiographies and doing Bible Study. In the evenings, she leads cub scouts and watches seasonal football. Her two dogs, Molly and Beatrix, give her comfort and joy. Allison finds her true abundance by spending time with her husband and her two active boys.