Abundance Organizing has some of the highest credentials in the industry as well as years of experience working with chronic disorganization, extreme clutter, and hoarding behaviors. We are proud to subscribe to the Institute For Challenging Disorganization, the premier professional association on chronic disorganization.

“Thanks for helping our family have a Christmas together at Mom’s house this year.”

Abundance team members have contributed to the A&E television series “Hoarders” and TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive,” both on camera and during ongoing after-care. The Abundance Organizing team is able to work collaboratively with coaches, counselors, and therapists in support of our clients. This approach has proven to be highly successful for people struggling with extreme clutter and hoarding behavior. We can recommend therapists who specialize in the needs of individuals who hoard and their families.

To accomplish the significant changes you want to make, collaborative therapy requires communication between all parties involved. We will require a release of information form allowing us to communicate with the therapist about your needs.

While the urge to start decluttering right away can be strong, in some cases, sessions with a therapist are recommended before starting any work in the home. This will allow you to identify coping and communication skills and behavioral factors ahead of time that can potentially reduce anxiety and provide a better experience and outcome.

Insurance providers may cover some costs associated with collaborative therapy.

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