Anya Shepelavey, MPH

Organizing Consultant

I connect to spaces visually and kinesthetically and I’m drawn to organizing so that the spaces I live in feel inviting and easeful. This trait runs in the family. When my grandfather passed away, we found thirty years of letters in chronological order, with carbon copied responses neatly clipped to the originals.


When I was first married, my husband and I lived overseas with only what fit in our backpacks. It was very freeing, but when we got back all the stuff we’d stored was waiting. I realized that I hadn’t missed or needed any of it! Moving 19 times in 22 years also helped me release my attachment to things and to appreciate living with less. Then along came kids and a major health crisis and our stuff started growing. We’d toss things into the basement and the clutter got out of hand. I remember being so exhausted that I couldn’t ever get to it, and also feeling shame and guilt. I knew the clutter wasn't who I really was inside. When we finally cleared out the basement it was a huge relief!


I have a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a Masters in Public Health. I have worked as an evaluator, talking to service providers and their clients to learn what could be done to improve services in ways that benefitted everyone. As an energy healer, I listen to clients share where they feel stuck in their lives and help free them of the emotional clutter so that they are more at peace with themselves.


These skills and experiences align extremely well with the art of organizing! My goal is to find out how your stuff is affecting your quality of life. I love hearing the stories behind your things so that the system we create appropriately honors what the items mean to you while making it easier for you to enjoy them. To my clients I say, trust in the
organizing process—it really can clear space, make life easier, and help you focus on what’s important.


In my free time, I enjoy hiking, exercising, wholesome healthy food, and spending time with my husband, two daughters, family and friends