Carolyn Nowak

Organizing Assistant

Discovering professional organizing was a dream come true! Organizing is fun, creative, and active and allows me to draw on experiences and skillsets developed through work, volunteering, home renovations, and caring for my aging parents.

I grew up with a father who was a custom builder and architect and a supermom who was not only very creative but kept our home clean and organized. I learned at an early age that everything had a home and we better put things back where we found them. As an adult, caring for them through illness and end of life helped me discover a passion for working with older adults and led me to serve as a volunteer ombudsman, advocating for long term care residents and their families.

I have a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences and an Associate’s in Health Information Technology. My work in health information management and electronic health record implementation required accuracy, categorization, strong project management skills, and the ability to understand the big picture while paying attention to details. Upholding ethical standards is essential in health care and is something I carry into my organizing work.

Whether it’s medical information or car keys, being able to find what we need when we need it can really reduce stress! Having been a very busy professional with lots of competing responsibilities, I know how important it is to have systems and routines to help keep us on track. I also understand that no matter how hard we try, there will always be parts of our lives that can get out of control, especially during times of stress and transition. This is where having assistance can be key to keeping our sanity! If I had known about professional organizers 20 years ago, I would have hired one! Working with a team of organizing professionals to provide support when it is most needed and helping others create smooth flow in their life is a source of great joy and satisfaction for me. I enjoy finding solutions and systems that are tailored to individual priorities and needs.

I also enjoy staying active and learning new things. I love to garden, spend time in nature, practice yoga and meditation, work on sewing and art projects and, of course, think up new home improvement and decorating projects. My current favorite organizing product is clear food containers. They are great in the pantry but also perfect for my sewing and craft supplies.