Cathy LeHew, CPO®

Certified Professional Organizer, CD, ADD, Aging and Hoarding Specialist

While I haven’t always been organized, when I became a working mother who liked to volunteer, I got organized because I had to. I have to work at it because of my ADHD, which wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood. People want to know if my house is always perfect. It isn’t. You go through life events, but because I know how to set up workable systems, I can get it right back.

I love going to work every day because of the personal relationships that we develop and knowing that organizing is so valuable. That, and the hug at the end of the day! What we do changes lives. Rather than trying to find things—keys, homework, supplies—people find time for fun and self-care and to be with each other and give back to the community.

Because of my own experiences, I’m especially able to help others with ADHD. I recognize when they are getting off track and help them reel it back in right away. I especially love working with women who are 40-plus who are going through peri-/menopause and have ADHD symptoms that are throwing them off their game. They tell me how they used to be organized and now they’re not and they don’t understand why. Once I explain the effect of hormones on the brain, they are so relieved. Abundance Organizing’s team approach really helps me, and my clients, with staying focused and getting the job done. Our team is the best there is.

Other things you should know about me: I absolutely love dogs. My happy place is on the beach. The best thing I ever did was my daughter. I like to have fun and can make almost anything fun. My parents taught me right. My favorite organizing tool is the iPhone, because it keeps me on track. I tell my clients to use smart phones for reminders, contacts, and calendars. I even use it to take pictures of where I parked at the airport so I can relax and enjoy the trip rather than worrying about remembering!