Leanne Costantinidis

Organizing Assistant

As an organizer, I enjoy solving the challenges of daily life using my natural strengths—strategic thinking and compassion. I’ve always been an enthusiastic fixer especially when it comes to helping others. When I find things that are broken, half done, or in need of attention, it’s just my nature to find a solution. Then, I reflect on what I learned from the day’s experiences so that I can continue to improve tomorrow.

Throughout my career, I have trained and managed thousands of volunteers, coordinated complex events, and have been a coach, mentor, and case manager. My areas of expertise include aging, dementia, early childhood education, and hospice. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for schools and in youth programs, a favorite was as a mentor, tutor, and parent liaison with a last-chance program for at-risk high school kids.  I believe that every life has value and I’m so intrigued by people’s stories and experiences.

Although I’m a native Californian, Virginia is my chosen home. There is a kindness here that I love and so much beauty in the outdoors and impressive history.  When I moved to Richmond in 2018 I looked for work that matched my interests and natural strengths. I immediately gravitated toward the values, mission, professionalism, and standards of excellence of Abundance Organizing.  Now, I use my skills and training to help my clients create an environment that sets them up for success. Helping people live a better life feeds my spirit.

When I’m not working, I like cooking for others, participating in any outdoor activity that involves water and exploring new destinations. For self-care, I practice Reiki, rollerblade, and meditate. My favorite place to be is under the sea. Nothing in my life has been more important than raising my children and it is an honor to be their mother enjoying the adults they have become.