Melisa Ross

Organizing Consultant and CD Specialist

I’ve been organizing for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I enjoyed helping my friends organize their closets! When my friend heard about professional organizing, she told me she’d found the perfect career for me. She was right! I did some research, connected with some local professionals through the National Association of Professional Organizers, and took a class on organizing and staging at the University of Richmond. When I was ready to start my organizing career, I found the perfect fit with Abundance Organizing.

My background is in fashion and retail. I moved from Bethesda, Maryland, to Blacksburg, Virginia, to earn my Bachelors in Fashion Design and Merchandising at Virginia Tech, then moved to Richmond for work. I started out in the wholesale jewelry industry and then had the opportunity to work with a start-up company assisting non-profits with fundraising. Both positions required a high degree of organization and excellent customer service skills.

Equally important to who I am and what I do is my travel experience. I’ve been to all seven continents and love to connect with people from different cultures. I will try anything once! Keeping an open mind and gathering information before forming an opinion helps me understand people and problems and find opportunities for synergy.

My favorite part of organizing is the people. I really enjoy getting to know people’s priorities and preferences and helping them create spaces that are both functional and beautiful. My favorite organizing product is sticky notes! I’ve been obsessed with them my whole life. On the job, I use them all the time to create to-do lists and keep track of categories.

On the home front, I love animals, all the amazing fun, food, and culture that Richmond has to offer, and bacon! Leila, my border collie-retriever mix, agrees!