Michelle McGaughey

Organizing Assistant

Organizing is something that has always been calming to me.  It definitely started early! Growing up, I went to a neighborhood daycare where we were encouraged to be creative but learned right away that everything has a place. I loved art and making crafts, even as a young child, and realized that doing so was so much easier when I knew right where to find supplies.

I decided to pursue a career that would put my creativity to use and also let me help people. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in art from Salisbury University in Maryland and a Master’s of Science in art therapy and counseling from Eastern VA Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. I now live in Norfolk full time.

After graduation, art therapy jobs were hard to find, so I became a nursery specialist for Lowes. Being organized turned out to be a real asset when it comes to managing inventory and people. I created a system of binders that was so efficient, people started coming to me for training, which led me to create a training guide for new employees.

My favorite quote is by Shakespeare, “To unpathed waters, undreamed shores.” To me, this means that you should follow your own heart, not the direction everyone else is going.

When I found out about Abundance Organizing, I recognized that this would be a unique and creative way to apply all of my different interests, experiences, and skills. I like working in all settings with all levels of clutter. It’s fun to declutter and make things look pretty and work well. My favorite project so far has been a children’s playroom because I understand child development and was able to organize the room based on what makes sense for their different ages.

I still love crafts, when I have the time, and make handmade ornaments every Christmas. My fiancé Trent and I love spending time with our dog Holtby and are really involved in our church, where I’m in charge of the curriculum for preschool through 5th grade.