Mindy Godding, CPO®, CPO-CD®

Partner, Speaking and Training

I’ve always found excuses to organize people and things, but it wasn’t until I saw an organizing show on HGTV that I realized it was a career option! Leaving a successful nine-year career in retail because of a TV show was a huge leap of faith, but I’ve never looked back. While I originally expected to leverage my training and skills in space planning, merchandising, and showcasing, I’ve learned that organizing is more about empowerment and clarity than anything else. But don’t get me wrong—I love to make a home look like a boutique!

I like spaces and lives that are active and full. I find a kindred spirit in people with high expectations and too much on their plate— people who are trying to fit 50 pounds of fabulous into a stylish 10-pound bag! As a chronic over-achiever, I have always struggled with “one-more-thing-itis.” It’s taken me years to learn that when you stop spinning your wheels and have time to focus on what’s important, you make room for opportunities. Whether it is clients or employees in my company, I love meeting new people, maximizing their strengths, and helping them have life experiences that are robust and fulfilling.

Home makeover shows started me down this path and I’m still very motivated and inspired by them. I am addicted to Houzz! My husband and I are slowly working through every space in our 1950s era house and making it our own. We both share the philosophy that taking some time to plan and getting it right the first time is more important than taking shortcuts, and, ultimately, a much better investment.

My husband and I share our house and life with our dogs. After years of volunteer therapy dog work with my yellow lab, I believe that our four-legged companions can make any space feel like home. If I’m on a phone call or teaching a teleclass, you can bet a dog is probably on the floor of my office, sleeping in the best patch of sunshine.