Shawna O’Driscoll, CPO®, SMM-C

Certified Professional Organizer, CD and ADD Specialist, Certified Senior Move Manager

I’m a born organizer who has recognized the value of having a place for everything and everything in its place from a very young age. As a professional organizer, my goal-oriented, empathic approach helps people bring the calming effects of this adage to their lives.

My natural abilities were honed over the last eleven years as I coordinated my family’s very busy schedule and developed and implemented a challenging educational curriculum for my three children. I really enjoyed the challenge of discovering each child’s unique learning style and adapting my techniques to bring out the best in each one of them. Now that they have grown, I’ve put this experience to work for my clients, helping them find personalized solutions that play to their strengths.

I’m active in my local church and community and enjoy quilting and historical reenactments where I portray a strong woman of the Civil War era. I’m adventurous, except when it comes to cuisine. I find my joyful abundance in my family and I am truly fulfilled when I can use my skills to help others find peace.