Whitney Frost, CPO®

Certified Professional Organizer, CD and ADD Specialist

When I was growing up, I was disorganized, but after sharing a room in college I realized that the way I kept my space had an impact on the people around me and I discovered that I liked being organized. When things have a place, it is easy to find what you need.

The reason I became an organizer is because I just can’t help but organize. It’s a problem. I go into places I shouldn’t be organizing, like my friends’ apartments, and I have to keep my ideas to myself until somebody asks. But if they are interested, I can give recommendations and suggestions right away because I’ve already worked it out in my head.

I like to make the organizing process fun. I’m open minded and friendly and I love learning from my clients as much as I love showing them what I’ve learned. It is very gratifying to help people get past a sticking point so that they can reach their goals.

Organizing is uplifting. The feeling at the end of the day is amazing—there is nothing better than making a client happy and seeing their positive reaction, knowing that what we have done will help make their days easier. Organizing helps relieve people’s stress, which makes them happy, which makes me happy! I like doing detailed work where I can be precise and finish things just so. I especially enjoy making closets beautiful!

I have earned Level I and II certification in Challenging Disorganization and I am working toward a level II certification in ADHD.

I’m very family-oriented—that is my number one in life. Traveling is my favorite pastime and I’ve been to some amazing places. I also play on a Bocce team and I’m working on finessing my cooking skills.

If I had to pick a favorite organizing tool, it would be the Muji acrylic drawers, which are the best way to organize makeup. You can see everything you have and it puts natural limits on what you keep. Since I like makeup so much, that’s a good thing.