Abundance Organizing Founders Award

The Abundance Organizing Founder’s Award is awarded annually by the AOFA committee; Sara Bereika, Cathy LeHew, and Mindy Godding. AOFA winners receive one day off with pay. Winners are chosen for embodying the spirit of Abundance Organizing by:

  • acting as a positive presence when representing AO with clients and the community
  • contributing to the team
  • demonstrating the pursuit of excellence in learning and development
  • personifying the AO Core Values
Past AOFA winners are:
  • 2014 - Whitney Forst
  • 2015 - Amanda Scudder
  • 2016 - Meredith Spray
  • 2017 - Shawna O'Driscoll
  • 2018 - Melisa Ross
  • 2019 - Courtney Franges
  • 2021 - Christina Colas
  • 2022 - Lisa Munno
  • 2023 - Heather Hanlon

Circle of Abundance

The Circle of Abundance designation was established in 2022 to recognize our team members who have attained a level of experience and expertise. The Circle of Abundance is awarded to veteran team members who have worked with Abundance Organizing for a minimum of five years.