We Are Eager to Help

If you are a non-profit organization and need help getting organized we want to help you. Clutter and disorganization can keep you from reaching your goals supporting the community. That’s why we want to help. If we can help your organization run more efficiently we can make a difference in our community. We love organizing and sharing our strengths as organizers. Especially if we can help our community and make life a little easier. Submit an application below to be considered for free services from our team of organizers.

  1. At this time, we offer services to non-profit organizations only. Not individuals.
  2. Our online form must be filled out and submitted with photos of the space that needs to be organized.
  3. An in-person, on-site initial assessment must be performed before application acceptance.
  4. If at any point during the application process we deem a job is not safe, will not result in a favorable outcome for all parties involved, or requires support outside the scope of what Abundance Organizing can provide we reserve the right to deny the application.
  5. Submission of your application indicates you accept that photos you submit and information about the project may be made public by Abundance Organizing for use in marketing materials, events, or in public relations.
  6. Services offered by Abundance Organizing are free. However, other service providers may be needed to complete projects appropriately and efficiently and may require payment for services. Abundance Organizing will do their best to communicate needs from other service providers in advance.
  7. Abundance Organizing will require flexibility in scheduling. Services are not offered on nights or weekends.
  8. Abundance Organizing may utilize time spent providing services as training opportunities for new employees.

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