Meet the Team

  • Mindy Godding, CPO®

    Mindy Godding, CPO®

    Partner & Founder
    Certified Professional Organizer

    I’ve always found excuses to organize people and things, but it wasn’t until I saw an organizing show on HGTV in 2004 that I realized it was a career option! Leaving a successful nine-year career in retail because of a TV show was a huge leap of faith, but I’ve never looked back. While I originally expected to leverage my training and skills in space planning, merchandising, and showcasing, I’ve learned that organizing is more about empowerment and clarity than anything else. But don’t get me wrong—I love to make a closet look like a high-end boutique!

    I like spaces and lives that are active and full. I find a kindred spirit in people with high expectations and too much on their plate— people who are trying to fit 50 pounds of fabulous into a stylish 10-pound bag! As a chronic over-achiever, I have always struggled with “one-more-thing-itis.” It’s taken me years to learn that when you stop spinning your wheels and have time to focus on what’s important, you make room for opportunities. Whether it is clients or employees in my company, I love meeting new people, maximizing their strengths, and helping them have life experiences that are robust and fulfilling.

    Building on my own personal sustainability habits, I am passionate about incorporating environmentally conscious practices into organizing work, whether that be through the use of eco-friendly and sustainable products, connecting clients who have excess with community charitable organizations that have a need or promoting the benefits of organization and planning in terms of reducing waste and consumption. I believe that, as global citizens, all individuals and businesses have a responsibility to reduce our negative impact on the environment. I love that my role as an organizer gives me the opportunity to help my clients build these skills.

    My husband and I share our house and life with our dogs. After years of volunteer therapy dog work with my yellow lab and then my cattle dog, I believe that our four-legged companions can make any space feel like home. If I’m on a phone call or leading a virtual meeting, you can bet a dog is probably on the floor of my office, sleeping in the best patch of sunshine.
  • Cathy LeHew, CPO®

    Cathy LeHew, CPO®

    Account Manager & Founder
    Certified Professional Organizer

    While I haven’t always been organized, when I became a working mother who liked to volunteer, I got organized because I had to. I have to work at it because of my ADHD, which wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood. People want to know if my house is always perfect. It isn’t. You go through life events, but because I know how to set up workable systems, I can get it right back.

    I love going to work every day because of the personal relationships that we develop and knowing that organizing is so valuable. That, and the hug at the end of the day! What we do changes lives. Rather than trying to find things—keys, homework, supplies—people find time for fun and self-care and to be with each other and give back to the community.

    Because of my own experiences, I’m especially able to help others with ADHD. I recognize when they are getting off track and help them reel it back in right away. I especially love working with women who are 40-plus who are going through peri-/menopause and have ADHD symptoms that are throwing them off their game. They tell me how they used to be organized and now they’re not and they don’t understand why. Once I explain the effect of hormones on the brain, they are so relieved. Abundance Organizing’s team approach really helps me, and my clients, with staying focused and getting the job done. Our team is the best there is.

    Other things you should know about me: I absolutely love dogs. My happy place is on the beach. The best thing I ever did was my daughter. I like to have fun and can make almost anything fun. My parents taught me right. My favorite organizing tool is the iPhone, because it keeps me on track. I tell my clients to use smart phones for reminders, contacts, and calendars. I even use it to take pictures of where I parked at the airport so I can relax and enjoy the trip rather than worrying about remembering!
  • Meredith Spray, CPO® and SMM-C

    Meredith Spray, CPO® and SMM-C

    Human Resources
    Certified Professional Organizer Certified Senior Move Manager

    I like to be organized in my own life, to create calm, beautiful spaces. Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s quality of life while doing something I love adds real value to the work I do.

    Formerly, as an aesthetician, I helped people feel good about themselves. Organizing isn’t all that different, except it is even more personal. It requires a tremendous amount of trust for people to let you into their home. I have so much compassion and respect for my clients. When we work together, we aren’t just organizing things. I help empower people to feel better about themselves and their space. I know from personal experience that asking for support can be hard, but I’ve learned that it is completely worth it. Fear can hold you back from doing a lot of the things you want to do, but it is a lot more painful to live with regrets than face the fear. I believe in living in the present and having faith that you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way.

    What I most enjoy is styling—whether it is personal appearance, like clothes, accessories, and closets, or adding that designer touch, the little details that give a space its own signature. I believe in quality over quantity. It’s fun to help people decide what expresses their own unique style and create a system that is going to work for them.

    I’m a graduate of the University of Alabama and an avid Crimson Tide fan. I’m also a music lover and enjoy spending time with my husband and toy poodles. I’m a member of the Junior League of Richmond where I serve as a New Member Advisor and I’m also the Membership Director for the National Association of Professional Organizers, Richmond chapter.

    My favorite organizing product is clear over-the-door shoe organizers. I love using them for bathrooms, home offices, children’s rooms, really anywhere, because you can see everything and it’s a great way to contain small, loose items or in a category by itself.
  • Courtney Franges

    Courtney Franges

    Operations Manager

    My background is in administration, primarily for mental health organizations. I’m naturally drawn to helping people. Throughout my childhood, my parents fostered children from different cultures, often kids with disabilities. Biologically, I was one of five, which grew to six through adoption, and we always had a house full of foster siblings. I can remember times when our 15-passenger van wasn’t big enough to hold us all!

    Growing up surrounded by people from different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities made me very empathetic and taught me the power of kindness. My goal is to always make sure everyone is safe, happy, and included. I also learned the real value of being organized—it’s what made it possible for my parents to change lives! They exemplify my favorite quote, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

    In my free time, I love to read and hang out with my beagle Rita and pit bull Hamilton. I’m also a big Harry Potter fan and movie buff. My hobby is crochet and I love the clear over-the-door shoe pockets, which hold all of my yarn and threads organized by color. My dream vacation is to visit a Costa Rican sloth sanctuary!
  • Janelle Wilson

    Janelle Wilson

    Professional Organizer and Team Lead
    Organizing has been a lifesaver, especially as a stay-at-home mom with two boys. We moved from Brooklyn to Richmond four years ago… into an even smaller house! We have one first-floor closet and no basement. It has been a challenge, but has also helped us focus on what is important. When we bring something into our space it’s because we love it and need it.
    Thankfully, this wasn’t my first move. After I graduated from Mary Washington College with a degree in Environmental Science, I moved to San Francisco and worked at a tiny startup called My three friends and I were the entire customer service team! After I met my husband, we moved to NYC where I worked in human resources and retail. When I became a mom, I stayed home until they were both in school. After seven years, I’m so excited to get back in the workforce!
    Abundance Organizing is a great fit for me. I love that this is a women-owned business, the emphasis on professional development, and being part of a team. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, I am constantly working on integrating practices of sustainability and simplicity in my personal life, so Abundance Organizing’s vision to help the environment by becoming an eco-friendly company really resonates with me. The work also puts my artistic knack and design memory to good use. When I walk into a space, I can see what needs doing and I’m able to come up with a plan. Helping people get tangible results is so rewarding!
    As someone who cooks a lot, I enjoy an organized kitchen, but my favorite places are creative spaces! The cabinet shop that my father had when I was growing up, with its pegboard of tools, was an inspiration for my sewing room. I have a wall mounted spool rack that holds all of my thread in rainbow order, keeping it organized and my surfaces free! I also rely on clear 56-quart storage bins to rotate the boys’ clothes and toys—if they have too many out at once, it gets overwhelming. They love rediscovering the things that have been binned up and it keeps them excited about what they already have.
    In our free time, my family enjoys canoeing, roller skating, and foraging for mushrooms, mostly for the fun of finding and photographing them—we only eat them if we know for sure there are no dangerous look-alikes!
  • Heather Hanlon

    Heather Hanlon

    Professional Organizer and Team Lead

    Hi! I’m Heather! I became interested in organizing as a child when I saw how extreme clutter in my friend’s home made her life difficult. My interest piqued again after college when I lived with my brothers for a few years; let’s just say they are not the tidiest! So I attended a NAPO conference, met an organizer from my area, and assisted her a few times. I knew I wanted to help people experience the sense of peace that organizing creates, but it took ten more years before I made the leap to join Abundance Organizing.

    Liking the people you work with is a must and there is no shortage of enjoyment with this team! I’m so grateful for the genuine opportunity to serve others and the fulfillment I feel once a job is completed. I love the transformations we can create and seeing the sense of relief clients feel at the end of the day is simply the best! Bathrooms and linen closets are some of my favorite places to organize and turntables are my go-to product. They work almost everywhere.

    Before becoming an organizer, I attended Christopher Newport University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in sociology. After graduation, I worked as an event coordinator and administrative assistant, then landed in the world of commercial real estate where I was a property manager for 13 years. Circling back to my childhood interest and following one of the only passions I didn’t realize I had has been great!

    My sweet kitty Queso and I live in a cool warehouse apartment in downtown Richmond. I am not a full blown minimalist, but I definitely like having less stuff than more! Everything has its space in my home and cleanup is always a breeze. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hiking, attending live music and sampling any and all the local breweries! My faith is also a top priority for me and I’m active at my church.
  • Lisa Munno

    Lisa Munno

    Professional Organizer and Team Lead

    Organizing is a personal passion of mine! While I always enjoy the organizing process, I really love the end result—having more time for the people and activities I care about and having the freedom to be creative because I know there is a place for everything when it’s time to clean up.

    I’ve always been detail-oriented, dedicated, and committed, so when I decided on a career in professional organizing, I really did my research to see what was out there. When I found Abundance Organizing, I got this WOW feeling! It was everything I was looking for—outstanding training, a great team, and the ability to help people by doing what I love to do.

    Before joining Abundance, I graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a dual major in marketing and management. From there, I went to work as an administrative assistant in marketing before taking some time off to raise my children. When they were older, the perfect part-time job opportunity landed in my lap and I became a pre-school teacher! I loved watching my students grow and encouraging their creativity. Because I kept things simple, I could let messes happen knowing that clean-up wouldn’t be overwhelming! Being organized really helped me concentrate on building relationships with my students and their families.

    No matter what the job, I like to bring positive energy to the day. I believe that laughter and having fun will always help get you through the tough things. I focus on really listening and developing genuine rapport with the people I work with.

    With Abundance, I love the variety of work that we do and being able to provide a service that brings people so much happiness! I also love using the right product to get the perfect look, especially clear acrylic pantry bins and drawer dividers. They make everything amazing!

    Over the years, I’ve grown in the way I organize. When my husband, two sons, and I recently moved after 21 years in the same house, we decided to keep things pretty simple and organized. We did it as a family and it has been great! Now we have a lot more time to have fun together doing what we love, including scuba diving and playing street hockey! It’s a good feeling when you get to the point in life where you can keep everything organized. I like helping other people get there, too!
  • Remy Marcus

    Remy Marcus

    Professional Organizer and Social Media Ambassador

    Organizing has always made me feel better. For fun, I pick a project and knock it out—it reduces my stress. I started by helping my mom and friends organize their closets, but didn’t realize it was a career option until Marie Kondo came along. I was so excited to discover something that combines all my passions—creativity, aesthetics, and helping people! Working for Abundance Organizing is amazing. I love that it’s a small, women-owned business with a team who really cares about each other. We can bounce ideas off each other, which always makes the results better. Helping people in such a personal way that transforms their daily lives is the most rewarding part about working for Abundance.

    Before Abundance, I studied Psychology and Women and Gender Studies at the University of Mary Washington. I loved learning about mental health and social issues. When you understand where people are coming from, you develop a deeper empathy for what they are going through.

    My other interest is makeup artistry, which has been a really big creative outlet for me. I love the artistry and making people happy. Working so closely with people helped me build good communication and client service skills. I also developed an eye for the big picture, planning for how to make things look cohesive and pretty.

    Making things pretty is still one of my favorite things to do in organizing! I also love that we get to spend time with our clients’ pets! I grew up with lots of animals—my mom is a veterinarian—so we always had baby animals that needed to be cared for; raccoons, deer, squirrels, even pigs, which I love! Being around animals every day makes me so happy.

    I’m extremely family oriented and love spending time with my girlfriend and giant German Shepherd; Ozzy. Our house is very limited on storage, which allows me to get creative with the space. Our closets don’t make any sense—you can’t even fit actual hangers in them, so I use over the door shoe pockets for everything from reusable water bottles to scarves and hats. They create space where there is none!
  • Cari DuVal

    Cari DuVal

    Professional Organizer

    Organizing is part of my DNA. My whole life I have been drawn to minimalist decor with intentional placement of everything physical in my home. I have only been able to achieve this by being organized and living a very low clutter life.

    Seventeen years ago I hired Mindy Godding, now Partner & Founder of Abundance Organizing, to help organize my home after a major renovation. Mindy’s passion strongly influenced me and led me to pursuing a career as a professional organizer. Having started my career out of college as a nurse, I have a servant’s heart for people and have always been passionate about helping people feel better, so transitioning into home organization has been a natural and perfect fit.

    I find energy from being with others which is why I love the Abundance Organizing team approach. Realizing the different strengths of our team members and where we each shine makes for a gratifying day for both the team and the client. The results at the end of a session with our team are so rewarding.

    I love to cook and host holiday meals so one of my favorite spaces to organize is a kitchen! Good food from good ingredients doesn’t require a lot of kitchen doodads. If you have good technique and a few quality items you can have great success with less.

    Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and two grown children. We have a family love of baseball and follow our son’s team everywhere they go. I am a very active member of my church and sing in two different choirs. I love group exercise and shopping with my favorite farmers at the market.

    I will leave you with one of my personal life mantras: Life is for the living. Don’t waste a day and do something for someone else on a daily basis!
  • Evelyn Davis

    Evelyn Davis

    Professional Organizer

    Up until a couple of years ago professional organizing is a phrase I’d only heard of in home improvement shows. Post Covid I was presented with an opportunity to help family friends who were facing an overcrowded and over-cluttered home. This was a whirlwind of turning over rooms and coordinating service teams, but the result was seeing my loved ones’ household finally breathe again after years of suffocating. I knew I’d hit on something special. This experience gave new context to professional organizing and I realized it was what my path had been winding toward all along.

    After some research, I found Abundance Organizing and was instantly attracted to their focus and dedication to training at an entry-level, as well as their core values. These values have attracted a team of like-minded people, all compassionate and driven in their own ways. I knew this was a place where my interests and professional development would be valued and I could learn something new every day.

    My favorite spaces to work in are ones that have been overcome by extreme clutter. I have a background working at a donation center which trained me on rapid sorting and keeping up with the constant flow of incoming items, so walking into a space overcome by clutter excites me! Rolling up my sleeves, firing on all cylinders, and creating a result that allows the client to reclaim their space is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I’ve always believed I have a moral obligation to the world and people around me: if there is something I can do to help, then I should. I’m lucky to have found a career path that calls on my particular strengths for that very reason.

    In my personal time, you will most likely find me indulging in the most recent video games, or with a pen in my hand trying to finish a novel! Thanks to my education in Media Studies and Film I am a lover of films, shows, video games, books, and writing. I also enjoy escaping to my happy place, a family home in the Adirondacks. There is nothing more peaceful than the lake and forest.
  • Abby Waldrop

    Abby Waldrop

    Account Manager

    Hi, I’m Abby and I am so excited to be a part of this incredible team! After relocating from across the country and re-entering the job market I discovered Abundance Organizing. Immediately I was drawn to their core values and approach to helping clients through a compassionate and non-judgmental lens. I took it as a sign to try something new and finally explore this interest I’d had my whole life.

    My interest in organizing started at an early age. I was a latch key kid, so I saw plenty of afternoon shows discussing the topic of disorganization and hoarding. I was instantly transfixed seeing the ‘before and after’ transformations and the significant change in people’s lives. This is when I realized organizing was something that could truly help people! On top of this I come from a large family where organization isn’t everyone’s priority. Organizing allowed me to control the chaos around me and create order in my tiny world. I soon became the one to call when family members were going through a life changing event. Whether it was moving, downsizing, birth of a child, or garage/estate sales, I was always ready to jump in and help and let my neat freak tendencies shine. Now I am ready and excited to share my talents with clients!

    While organizing and downsizing can be emotionally draining and stressful, you can count on me to insert a joke or sarcastic quip especially when times are difficult. I am a strong believer in finding humor in every situation. When laughter, empathy, and kindness can be infused together, then we all potentially have an easier and more rewarding experience.

    When I’m not organizing you can find me doing anything that involves nature and/or animals! I love being outside and appreciating nature, with my dog by my side. I am a staunch animal advocate and enjoy giving my support to local sanctuaries in the region.
  • Marilyn Moore

    Marilyn Moore

    Client Services Coordinator

    My introduction into the world of Professional Organizing happened upon my retirement from a somewhat stressful client support/account manager job. I quickly realized I was not quite ready for retirement and began to research part time options. My husband encouraged me to find a job doing something I truly loved and I knew instantly I needed to look into the world of organizing. I found Abundance Organizing after seeing a segment about the company on the NBC Nightly News.

    While I would consider this my third career, my attraction to all things organizing began as a young child. I was always organizing things from doll clothes to shoes to accessories. To this day I prefer tidy and organized spaces. I feel more relaxed, at peace and can think more clearly when everything is in its place.

    My background in Information Technology as a programmer/analyst also helped prime me for my position with Abundance Organizing as their Client Services Coordinator. Even though I am not in the field organizing physical spaces, I get to work behind the scenes organizing and improving our office processes. I also get the opportunity to speak with prospective clients on the front end. Being able to help them see how we can help on their journey to a calmer and simpler space is one of the most rewarding parts of the job!

    Outside of work you can find me spending time with my family, in my yard or on the beach! I have been married for over 30 years and have two adult sons as well as two cats named Chester and Bo. I enjoy making sure my garden is in full bloom from spring to fall and especially love to share and swap plants with friends. When I am not busy getting my hands dirty you will find me on the beach with my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand!
  • Obie, ATD®

    Obie, ATD®

    Alliance Therapy Dog

    When I was asked to be a part of the Abundance Organizing team, I was super happy. I showed them one of my best high jumps to demonstrate my enthusiasm.

    I’ve been hearing about Abundance and their work for years. My mom, Mindy, and her team work with individuals who are sometimes feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Clients who are moving or downsizing into senior communities can feel especially stressed. Since my snuggles are so calming for her when she has a bad day, Mom thought I could be helpful in reducing stress for her clients. So she and I went through extensive training to prepare me to become a therapy dog. I had to do things like remain calm and not react when I saw another dog walking toward me— without even getting a treat! Do you have any idea how difficult that is for an outgoing guy like me? I can’t help it that other dogs always want to play with me; I’m a cool dude. After that hard test, I had to remain calm and relaxed when someone wheeled by me in a whirring wheelchair and walked past me with a really loud clanky metal walker. It was challenging at times but I remained focused and I passed my exam.

    Since we were on a roll during training, I showed off some of my best moves like paw-shake, climb, down-stay, turning circles, and fetch. Because my sister is deaf, I know some sign language. Sitting down with a sign language command was my final trick to earn my Novice Trick Dog certification! Tricks for treats, that’s my motto.

    Being a part of the AO team is good for me in many ways. I get to ride shotgun in the car, spend more time with my mom, and— most importantly— I get treats when I make people happy. I also like when people give me pats and tell me how handsome I am!

    In my spare time, I like to play frisbee and wrestle with my sister. She’s 50 pounds bigger than me and very sassy, so I always have to show her who’s boss. After a long day at work I like to sit in my living room bay window and watch the birds and squirrels.