Meet the Team

Shawna O’Driscoll, CPO®, SMM-C
Certified Professional Organizer, CD and ADD Specialist, Certified Senior Move Manager
I’m a born organizer who has recognized the value of having a place for everything and everything in its place from a very young age. As a professional organizer, my ... READ MORE
Mindy Godding, CPO®, CPO-CD®
Partner, Speaking and Training
I’ve always found excuses to organize people and things, but it wasn’t until I saw an organizing show on HGTV that I realized it was a career option! Leaving a ... READ MORE
Becca Nagle, SMM-C
Certified Senior Move Manager, Organizing Consultant
Organizing is truly a passion for me. As soon as I learned about Abundance Organizing, I knew I had found what I was meant to do. One of the best ... READ MORE
Sara Bereika, CPO®, CPO-CD®
Partner, Sales and Marketing
When Mindy, Cathy and I founded Abundance Organizing in 2010, we envisioned going beyond the status quo to maximize the connection we have with clients and tap into collaborative opportunities ... READ MORE
Amanda Scudder, MSW, CPO®, CPO-CD®
Certified Professional Organizer, CD and ADD Specialist, Certified Senior Move Manager
As a busy professional, wife, and mother, I recognize the value of simplicity and organization. Cutting the excess and distractions from my time and space makes it possible for me ... READ MORE
Carolyn Nowak
Organizing Assistant
Discovering professional organizing was a dream come true! Organizing is fun, creative, and active and allows me to draw on experiences and skillsets developed through work, volunteering, home renovations, and ... READ MORE
Courtney Franges
Administrative Assistant
My background is in administration, primarily for mental health organizations. I’m naturally drawn to helping people. Throughout my childhood, my parents fostered children from different cultures, often kids with disabilities. ... READ MORE
Christina Colas
Organizing Assistant and Business Development in Hampton Roads
Ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed organizing. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for my family to find me fine-tuning the pantry or reorganizing the room I shared with ... READ MORE
Meredith Spray, CPO®
Certified Professional Organizer, CD and ADD Specialist
I like to be organized in my own life, to create calm, beautiful spaces. Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s quality of life while doing something I ... READ MORE
Whitney Frost, CPO®
Certified Professional Organizer, CD and ADD Specialist
When I was growing up, I was disorganized, but after sharing a room in college I realized that the way I kept my space had an impact on the people ... READ MORE
Cathy LeHew, CPO®
Certified Professional Organizer, CD, ADD, Aging and Hoarding Specialist
While I haven’t always been organized, when I became a working mother who liked to volunteer, I got organized because I had to. I have to work at it because ... READ MORE