Meet the Team

  • Sara Bereika, CPO®

    Sara Bereika, CPO®

    Partner & Founder
    Certified Professional Organizer

    When Mindy, Cathy, and I founded Abundance Organizing in 2010, we envisioned going beyond the status quo to maximize the connection we have with clients and tap into collaborative opportunities with therapists, coaches, and other professionals. There is a real depth to the work that we do. We don’t just organize, we advocate, support, and empower our clients.

    I thoroughly enjoy organizing and can spend weekends home doing just that. As a child, I would color code my closet to cure boredom. My grandmother would always come up with resourceful ways to keep her kitchen tidy and my father was a stickler for "everything in it's place and a place for everything." Through these personal experiences, extensive training, and hands-on work with adults with ADD/ADHD, chronic disorganization, and addiction, I’ve gained the expertise and empathy to help people who are facing tough challenges. I value clear communication and I really listen. My approach is motivational and non-judgmental.

    With a dual certification in organizing and Coach Approach for OrganizersTM training, I really value professional development and helping others advance their knowledge. I’m a contributing author for the leading organizer training sourcebook, and have appeared on A&E’s "Hoarders" and in publications like GQ Magazine and Ladies Home Journal.

    My favorite organizing product is magazine file holders! I use them for filing paper, manuals, craft supplies like fabric scraps, and even magazines! I truly enjoy the work I do and the connections I make with people. I also love spending my free time sewing, making jewelry, drawing, riding my bike, and playing with my son, husband, and our two rescue cats—we enjoy just being silly together!
  • Mindy Godding, CPO®

    Mindy Godding, CPO®

    Partner & Founder
    Certified Professional Organizer

    I’ve always found excuses to organize people and things, but it wasn’t until I saw an organizing show on HGTV that I realized it was a career option! Leaving a successful nine-year career in retail because of a TV show was a huge leap of faith, but I’ve never looked back. While I originally expected to leverage my training and skills in space planning, merchandising, and showcasing, I’ve learned that organizing is more about empowerment and clarity than anything else. But don’t get me wrong—I love to make a home look like a boutique!

    I like spaces and lives that are active and full. I find a kindred spirit in people with high expectations and too much on their plate— people who are trying to fit 50 pounds of fabulous into a stylish 10-pound bag! As a chronic over-achiever, I have always struggled with “one-more-thing-itis.” It’s taken me years to learn that when you stop spinning your wheels and have time to focus on what’s important, you make room for opportunities. Whether it is clients or employees in my company, I love meeting new people, maximizing their strengths, and helping them have life experiences that are robust and fulfilling.

    Home makeover shows started me down this path and I’m still very motivated and inspired by them. I am addicted to Houzz! My husband and I are slowly working through every space in our 1950s era house and making it our own. We both share the philosophy that taking some time to plan and getting it right the first time is more important than taking shortcuts, and, ultimately, a much better investment.

    My husband and I share our house and life with our dogs. After years of volunteer therapy dog work with my yellow lab, I believe that our four-legged companions can make any space feel like home. If I’m on a phone call or teaching a teleclass, you can bet a dog is probably on the floor of my office, sleeping in the best patch of sunshine.
  • Cathy LeHew, CPO®

    Cathy LeHew, CPO®

    Account Manager & Founder
    Certified Professional Organizer

    While I haven’t always been organized, when I became a working mother who liked to volunteer, I got organized because I had to. I have to work at it because of my ADHD, which wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood. People want to know if my house is always perfect. It isn’t. You go through life events, but because I know how to set up workable systems, I can get it right back.

    I love going to work every day because of the personal relationships that we develop and knowing that organizing is so valuable. That, and the hug at the end of the day! What we do changes lives. Rather than trying to find things—keys, homework, supplies—people find time for fun and self-care and to be with each other and give back to the community.

    Because of my own experiences, I’m especially able to help others with ADHD. I recognize when they are getting off track and help them reel it back in right away. I especially love working with women who are 40-plus who are going through peri-/menopause and have ADHD symptoms that are throwing them off their game. They tell me how they used to be organized and now they’re not and they don’t understand why. Once I explain the effect of hormones on the brain, they are so relieved. Abundance Organizing’s team approach really helps me, and my clients, with staying focused and getting the job done. Our team is the best there is.

    Other things you should know about me: I absolutely love dogs. My happy place is on the beach. The best thing I ever did was my daughter. I like to have fun and can make almost anything fun. My parents taught me right. My favorite organizing tool is the iPhone, because it keeps me on track. I tell my clients to use smart phones for reminders, contacts, and calendars. I even use it to take pictures of where I parked at the airport so I can relax and enjoy the trip rather than worrying about remembering!
  • Amanda Scudder, MSW, CPO®, CPO-CD®, SMM-C®

    Amanda Scudder, MSW, CPO®, CPO-CD®, SMM-C®

    Organizing Consultant
    Certified Professional Organizer
    Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization
    Certified Senior Move Manager

    As a busy professional, wife, and mother, I recognize the value of simplicity and organization. Cutting the excess and distractions from my time and space makes it possible for me to focus on what is important. As I practice this in my life, I find solutions that work and work that I’m passionate about. Getting unstuck is amazing and I love helping people get there.

    I believe that what you need will be there when you need it. The trick is to be receptive to it. When you are overwhelmed with too much of anything, it is hard to respond when opportunities come your way. By minimizing clutter and chaos, you make room for infinite possibilities. Organizing has transformational effects: less stress and frustration and more energy for productivity, creativity, fun, family, and friends.

    My background includes interior design, a psychology degree from Syracuse University, a Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University, and more than 14 years in human services. I understand systems and how people influence, and are influenced by, their environment. I enjoy learning about people so that I can help them find sustainable solutions. Organizing is a social activity and I love building strong connections with people and helping them achieve their goals.

    Since joining the Abundance Organizing team in 2012, I’ve received training in ADD/ADHD and motivational interviewing. I’m a Certified Professional Organizer and have earned Level I and Level II Certification in Challenging Disorganization from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

    My husband, two children, dog, cat, and 1920s house with minimum storage and an experimental organic front yard food garden provide me with endless inspiration and opportunities for constant innovation. I’m active in my neighborhood civic association and two PTAs. I’m interested in sustainable ecological design (permaculture) and living simply. For me, there is no happier place to be than in the saddle or on the road.

    My favorite organizing tool is a desk-top filing system for action items. It keeps things looking tidy but still front-of-mind.
  • Whitney Frost, CPO®

    Whitney Frost, CPO®

    Organizing Consultant
    Certified Professional Organizer

    When I was growing up, I was disorganized, but after sharing a room in college I realized that the way I kept my space had an impact on the people around me and I discovered that I liked being organized. When things have a place, it is easy to find what you need.

    The reason I became an organizer is that I just can’t help but organize. It’s a problem. I go into places I shouldn’t be organizing, like my friends’ apartments, and I have to keep my ideas to myself until somebody asks. But if they are interested, I can give recommendations and suggestions right away because I’ve already worked it out in my head.

    I like to make the organizing process fun. I’m open-minded and friendly and I love learning from my clients as much as I love showing them what I’ve learned. It is very gratifying to help people get past a sticking point so that they can reach their goals.

    Organizing is uplifting. The feeling at the end of the day is amazing—there is nothing better than making a client happy and seeing their positive reaction, knowing that what we have done will help make their days easier. Organizing helps relieve people’s stress, which makes them happy, which makes me happy! I like doing detailed work where I can be precise and finish things just so. I especially enjoy making closets beautiful!

    I have earned Level I and II certification in Challenging Disorganization and I am working toward a level II certification in ADHD. I’m very family-oriented—that is my number one in life. Traveling is my favorite pastime and I’ve been to some amazing places. I also play on a Bocce team and I’m working on finessing my cooking skills.

    If I had to pick a favorite organizing tool, it would be the Muji acrylic drawers, which are the best way to organize makeup. You can see everything you have and it puts natural limits on what you keep. Since I like makeup so much, that’s a good thing.
  • Meredith Spray, CPO®

    Meredith Spray, CPO®

    Organizing Consultant
    Certified Professional Organizer

    I like to be organized in my own life, to create calm, beautiful spaces. Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s quality of life while doing something I love adds real value to the work I do.

    Formerly, as an aesthetician, I helped people feel good about themselves. Organizing isn’t all that different, except it is even more personal. It requires a tremendous amount of trust for people to let you into their home. I have so much compassion and respect for my clients. When we work together, we aren’t just organizing things. I help empower people to feel better about themselves and their space. I know from personal experience that asking for support can be hard, but I’ve learned that it is completely worth it. Fear can hold you back from doing a lot of the things you want to do, but it is a lot more painful to live with regrets than face the fear. I believe in living in the present and having faith that you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way.

    What I most enjoy is styling—whether it is personal appearance, like clothes, accessories, and closets, or adding that designer touch, the little details that give a space its own signature. I believe in quality over quantity. It’s fun to help people decide what expresses their own unique style and create a system that is going to work for them.

    I’m a graduate of the University of Alabama and an avid Crimson Tide fan. I’m also a music lover and enjoy spending time with my husband and toy poodles. I’m a member of the Junior League of Richmond where I serve as a New Member Advisor and I’m also the Membership Director for the National Association of Professional Organizers, Richmond chapter.

    My favorite organizing product is clear over-the-door shoe organizers. I love using them for bathrooms, home offices, children’s rooms, really anywhere, because you can see everything and it’s a great way to contain small, loose items or in a category by itself.
  • Becca Nagle, SMM-C®

    Becca Nagle, SMM-C®

    Organizing Consultant
    Certified Senior Move Manager

    Organizing is truly a passion for me. As soon as I learned about Abundance Organizing, I knew I had found what I was meant to do.

    One of the best parts of being an organizer is connecting with our clients. I love talking to people, hearing their stories, and really getting to know them. I have a lot of empathy and people respond to that. They feel comfortable because they know I’m not going to judge. Working together to remove clutter from their lives opens them up to possibilities in a way nothing else does.

    I’m so excited to be a part of the Abundance Organizing team. We are all doing what we love and the energy is really positive. Team organizing brings a great dynamic to the process because everyone has something unique to offer and we can accomplish in a few days what would take one person a month. Before joining Abundance, I worked as a recruiter, finding talent for companies all over the country. I developed expertise in working with people of all ages and all walks of life, asking the right questions to really understand and meet their different needs.

    I grew up in the Richmond area and earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology from VCU. My husband and I have two young daughters and a dog who keep us very busy. I love being a mom. Seeing the world through my girls’ eyes helps me remember to keep it simple. I try not to stress about things that are out of my control, but to take it all in and enjoy. When I have the rare free minute, I love to read, go to the beach, cook, and search Pinterest for recipes and organizing ideas!

    With so many interesting organizing products out there, it is hard to choose what I like best, but I do love a good container. Put the lid on and print off a label and it looks so nice and clean and neat.
  • Shawna O'Driscoll, CPO®, SMM-C®

    Shawna O'Driscoll, CPO®, SMM-C®

    Organizing Consultant
    Certified Professional Organizer
    Certified Senior Move Manager

    I’m a born organizer who has recognized the value of having a place for everything and everything in its place from a very young age. As a professional organizer, my goal-oriented, empathic approach helps people bring the calming effects of this adage to their lives.

    My natural abilities were honed over the last eleven years as I coordinated my family’s very busy schedule and developed and implemented a challenging educational curriculum for my three children. I really enjoyed the challenge of discovering each child’s unique learning style and adapting my techniques to bring out the best in each one of them. Now that they have grown, I’ve put this experience to work for my clients, helping them find personalized solutions that play to their strengths.

    I’m active in my local church and community and enjoy quilting and historical reenactments where I portray a strong woman of the Civil War era. I’m adventurous, except when it comes to cuisine. I find my joyful abundance in my family and I am truly fulfilled when I can use my skills to help others find peace.
  • Christina Colas

    Christina Colas

    Organizing Assistant

    Ever since I was little, I’ve enjoyed organizing. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for my family to find me fine-tuning the pantry or reorganizing the room I shared with my sister. Like a lot of us, I didn’t realize that there was a profession where I could put my skills to work until recently. My husband found out about professional organizing and said, “You can actually do this for a career!” I’ve done a lot of things in my life, but nothing else fits like this does.

    The company is as important to me as the work we do. Abundance Organizing’s core values really resonate with me. I value the positive energy of the team and how we share our gifts whole-heartedly, not just with clients, but also with each other, learning from one another to achieve the highest standards. It’s pretty amazing how we can help people in such a meaningful way.

    I have always taken on way more than is manageable, working full-time while going to school, so I know how challenging it is to stay on top of everything. Before joining Abundance, while I was finishing my bachelors and taking graduate classes, I ran a piano and fitness studio. In fitness, a strong core protects you from injury and leads to better results. It’s the same in your home and life. You need a strong core to do everything else you want to do.

    Growing up, my family moved a lot. My parents made sure we explored whatever state we lived in and I loved learning about new places. I have been to South America, Europe, and all over the United States. Along the way, I got a huge amount of packing experience, whether for a short trip or a big move. I am passionate about helping with the stressful process of packing, moving, and unpacking so that a new house feels like home as quickly as possible.

    Creating structure and putting organization into my life made it possible to do it all while still having time to spend on the things that are most important to me. Now, I enjoy helping other people do the same. There is such a freedom to having systems and a structure to help you manage your stuff. It is possible to live life more abundantly when you aren’t weighed down by the stress of clutter and disorganization.
  • Courtney Franges

    Courtney Franges

    Administrative Assistant

    My background is in administration, primarily for mental health organizations. I’m naturally drawn to helping people. Throughout my childhood, my parents fostered children from different cultures, often kids with disabilities. Biologically, I was one of five, which grew to six through adoption, and we always had a house full of foster siblings. I can remember times when our 15-passenger van wasn’t big enough to hold us all!

    Growing up surrounded by people from different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities made me very empathetic and taught me the power of kindness. My goal is to always make sure everyone is safe, happy, and included. I also learned the real value of being organized—it’s what made it possible for my parents to change lives! They exemplify my favorite quote, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

    In my free time, I love to read and hang out with my beagle Rita and pit bull Hamilton. I’m also a big Harry Potter fan and movie buff. My hobby is crochet and I love the clear over-the-door shoe pockets, which hold all of my yarn and threads organized by color. My dream vacation is to visit a Costa Rican sloth sanctuary!