Your Home Renovation

A home renovation is exciting and completely disruptive. Your daily routine is upset as you live in a construction zone. Abundance Organizing has extensive experience in keeping our clients organized during home renovations. No detail is overlooked and the renovation feels as smooth as possible.

Home renovation design consultation and planning
When Abundance Organizing is involved in your home renovation project from the beginning, we save you money, headaches, and lots of time. Before designs are finalized, we help identify your specific needs based on your lifestyle and inventory. We work along side your contractor or interior designer to advise on customized organizational systems and storage solutions in your design.

Before your home renovation
Before your home renovation begins, spaces need to be cleared. We prepare your household items with care and inventory everything. Your organizing consultant will coordinate storage box drop off and pick up. They will pick up any supplies needed, coordinate donations and/or consignment and more. To foster a smooth work process, we coordinate many details of your renovation like ensuring spaces are cleared according to established timelines.

During your home renovation
Inevitably plans change during a home renovation. We help you manage those unexpected decisions since we helped with the initial plan, are familiar with your items, and your specific needs.

Unpack after your renovation
When your home renovation is complete there is still so much to do!  Abundance Organizing will organize and put away your belongings so that your systems are up and running in your “new” space from the very beginning. Imagine the pleasure of walking into your newly renovated home and knowing everything has been taken care of—all you have left to do is relax and enjoy!

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