Your Move

Abundance Organizing is your secret weapon for packing, unpacking, and moving.
Our team of caring and experienced professionals will help you successfully accomplish each and every part of the moving process. In addition, we coordinate other services you will need, such as moving companies, cleaning services, home repair and painting, and interior decorating.

Decluttering and Staging
Prior to your move, Abundance Organizing will declutter and set up your home so that buyers can easily see its full potential. Decluttering before the move also means you won’t pay to pack, move, and unpack things you no longer need or want. Therefore, you will save on the cost of materials, labor, and the size of the truck and gain time on the other end so that you can focus on making your new house a home as quickly as possible. We help you make decisions and manage the process of getting unwanted items to consignment, charity, and/or online auction. Learn more about how our online auctions work.

We prepare household items for an organized pack to make the most of every dollar. That is why our consultants strategize room functions and space planning in your new home. Armed with that information, we will categorize items, identify their future home,  segregate and label important “Open First!” or hand-carry items.

Move Day
It’s our highest priority to make move day drama-free.  Consequently, we manage the scheduling, communications, and all the logistics of move day.  We stay on-site at your new home getting you unpacked, and settled into your new, organized lifestyle. Don’t worry, if you move out of the area, our nationwide network of trusted professionals will assist you with getting settled into your new home.

Moving In: Unpacking and Organizing
Nothing is more frustrating than living out of boxes! That’s where Abundance Organizing comes in. We will unpack and organize all of your belongings. As a result, your new house will feel like home in record time. Our professional organizers will ensure that you are making the most of your new home’s features by maximizing and organizing all of your spaces.

Downsizing and Rightsizing
Deciding what stays and what goes is often overwhelming and emotional.  Abundance Organizing will support you or your loved one through the downsizing or rightsizing process. We will help you make the tough decisions, take care of the physical lifting and moving, and manage the consignment, donation, and/or online auction process for you.

Senior Transitions and Downsizing

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