Company Culture

Our Mission

“To help our clients find clarity and contentment within their space, their relationships, and life experiences through organizing, training, collaborative methods, and project management.”

Core Values

After 5 years in business, a small group of dedicated team members tackled the question:  What makes Abundance Organizing unique and successful? The product of their work became this list of core values:

  • We radiate positive energy
  • We form meaningful connections
  • We embrace the quirks that make us special
  • We conduct ourselves with an air of refinement, striving for the highest standards
  • We share our gifts whole-heartedly
  • We communicate with compassion
  • We act with resourcefulness and savvy

We live these values that bring us together and make us unique. These guiding principles color our client interactions on a daily basis. We have found that, by articulating our cultural cornerstones, we have been able to integrate them into every employee-related process—hiring methods, performance management systems, and criteria for promotions and rewards.

Training Curriculum

Abundance Organizing has developed a guided individual course of study for our consultants at several levels of development: Organizing Assistant, Organizing Consultant, and Supervisor. These curriculums combine text and video material for varied learning styles with on-the-job case studies. The curriculum is designed to build skills and knowledge and enhance personal/professional insight.

Abundance Organizing draws on knowledge from a wealth of experienced professionals. As a consultant is moving through the training curriculum, they must complete one-on-one mentoring calls with other members of our team. These calls are meant to focus on development through goal-setting, accountability, and open discussion.

Abundance Organizing Mentors are designated team members with at least three years field experience in the company. These individuals are proven leaders who embody the core values of Abundance Organizing. Mentor candidates must demonstrate high-level communication skills and insight into client condition.

Annual Company Retreat

Our team retreat is the cornerstone of the team-building and professional development that are so vital to our success. Each year, the company’s consultants at all levels travel together to reflect on our work, get to know each other, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments in a retreat setting. Each year, our programming includes presentations and training from nationally recognized speakers and trainers representing the organizing and productivity industry as well as related professions.

Founder’s Award

Since 2014, Abundance Organizing has recognized it’s most exceptional team members with the Founder’s Award. The Founder’s Award is awarded annually to a team member who most embodies the spirit of Abundance Organizing in positive work with clients, significant contributions to the team, and pursuit of excellence in learning and development.